About Us

Barrel Backers is a veteran owned and operated business that believes in the freedom of better beer for everyone. We're comprised of a group of friends that stand by this ideal and we would love for you to join us.

I remember drinking my first craft beer after a long day of snowboarding in Colorado twelve years ago. It was a Fat Tire, and it completely redefined for me what beer could be. It was different, delicious, and brewed right down the road from where I was staying.

I was hooked.

That was my simple introduction to great craft beer and now it’s everywhere. I can never get enough!

Because I travel frequently, I make it a point to ask for the local brew every time I’m in a new town. Why? Because, savoring the taste of a fresh beer is one of life’s simple pleasures. It’s also just plain fun to discover and experience new things. Plus, I like that every craft beer has a unique story tied to the very people who live near the brewery.

Still, I’ve realized that in most cases I would have to board a plane to experience that unique taste again. What gives? Do we not live in the land of the free? And what is the 21st Amendment anyways?

Eventually, I began wondering about all those other craft beer lovers that have taken jobs in new states far from their hometown breweries. Did they miss their favorite local brews and how did they discover new ones? After many beer fueled discussions, I found out that for a bunch of people, their only opportunity to enjoy a favorite beer is limited to making it home for the holidays.

So my friends and I got together and decided to do something about it. We built Barrel Backers, a crowdfunding club for people to discover and experience the craft beers they’re excited about.

We want what you want - the freedom to enjoy great beer. Thanks for checking us out and we hope you let us find what you're missing.


Meet The Team!

Pete - An incredible web-developer who escapes to the mighty craft beer state of Pennsylvania often, he’s a man that knows where to find some of America’s finest brews. When he’s not building Barrel Backers and enjoying a craft beer, you’ll probably catch him at a Phish concert getting closer to joining the Century Fan Club. If you don’t know what that is, swill some Eastern Standard IPA from Peekskill Brewery (Pete’s go-to drink) and it might come to you!

Ash - A mobile engineer by trade, when he heard that we were going to build something that would focus on bringing better beer to the people, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to support the revolution he loves. No matter if he’s traveling with his friends, banging on the drums, or shredding fresh powder on the slopes, his favorite way to unwind is sipping an American brew - preferably from 21st Amendment or Sixpoint. He’s currently loving the Sixpoint Resin!

Matt - With a talent for both design and web development, Matt is a versatile creator that loves to bring fun projects to life. To the envy of many, he’s based in California’s Gold Country and never misses the opportunity to grab a sixer of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in a can and romp around the Crystal Range.

Bobby - Hawaiian by birth, he’s proud to have never worn shoes until the 7th grade. An operations expert who is more at home in a warehouse than his apartment, he happily spends his free time savoring Dogfish Head 120 IPAs while playing fetch with his dog Frank the Tank.

Mike - From a bear sporting a barrel to a site designed around the beautiful love of beer - If we’ve managed to make you crack a smile at all it’s because of this brew loving buster and his crafty skills. Many compare him to a bearded Brooklyn version of Huck Finn, whose shameless shenanigans know no bounds. Mark Twain would have been proud to sip a Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ with him (Mike’s current fancy).

Dave - Proofreader extraordinaire. With the strongest grasp on the English language, all grammar mistakes on this site shall be attributed to him. Highly regarded for passing the WPPWE on his first try, he loves Maverick’s Tunnel Vision when he’s not busy nerding out.

Brian - A man that knows no stranger - he never wastes a second in striking up a fun conversation with whomever he chances upon which will most likely be about Barrel Backers. He’s a Montana die-hard, so the best place to run into him is when he escapes to bow hunt in the Beartooth Mountains or fly fish the Yellowstone river where he’ll always wager a pack of Cold Smoke Scotch Ale from Kettle House Brewing to whomever pulls in the biggest fish.

Tris - Our resident daredevil, when he’s not jumping off cliffs or surfing big Hawaiian barrels, he’s doing what he loves most which is visiting breweries and sampling their tasty inventions. If you found a beer that you liked on this site, be sure to tell him thanks! He’d love to hear it while enjoying his current favorite: Palmetto Brewing’s Espresso Porter!

Dan - Always a guy who lives for a good story, he works with breweries across the nation so that Barrel Backers can best share the tale of their adventure with more great people. Known to his friends to be up for risky propositions, he’s now toned down his days of daring and prefers to watch his two boys don the mantle of bravery (errr...stupidity) while he nods in approval and sips a Terrapin’s Hopsecutioner IPA.

Adam - Never one to sit still, he’s always working tirelessly to find more ways for people to get excited about the Barrel Backers community. The anti-establishment fella (everybody knows one of them right?) he refuses to conform and will do just about anything to support the things he loves. Lucky for us, Laughing Lab by Bristol Brewing Co. and other great craft beers are high on his list.

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