Beer Pals
Finchs brewery1 cut
Finch's Beer Co.
Chicago, Illinois
In 1997, Ben Finch migrated to Chicago to attend The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. As Managing Director of The Killswitch Collective, he discovered craft beer, and really fell in love with the architecture and design of beer. Drinking the likes of Goose Island and Two Brothers Brewing, two of the original Illinois Craft breweries, he quickly learned that creating something from scratch was a lot like his days of sculpting in school. After reaching out to Richard Grant, an old friend from college with brewing experience, Ben teamed up with his dad and went on to build Finch's Beer Co. into the success that it is today.
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Service Brewing Co.
Savannah, Georgia
Icon state ga Savannah, GA
Community & Local Involvement
We are a veteran owned and operated craft brewery, in Savannah Georgia, dedicated to honoring those that have put their lives at risk and their country and community first. We donate a portion of our revenues to assist charities that support Service. We craft authentic American made beers for the curious and experienced consumer, focus on buying local whenever possible and in the same vein support the grassroots efforts of those giving back to those that have served.
Kevin’s love for craft beer dates back to his first-ever Fat Tire Ale consumed in 1995, though his loyalty to his country began much earlier. In 2011, his girlfriend, Meredith Sutton, bought him a home brewing kit. He began tinkering with it immediately, fascinated by both the process and the product. These 5 gallon buckets and tubes would soon be the inspiration for something much bigger. A series of fortuitous coincidences led him to connect with several other Army veterans that worked with him to build a plan for a brewery inspired by their own military service and to honor the service of others.
Their First Keg
On July 24, 2014 we launched our beer to a capacity crowd at the American Legion in Savannah Georgia, the birthplace of the Mighty Eighth Air Force. We chose two charities to benefit from the launch event and raised over $4500. Service Brewing was thrilled to bring it's first kegs to a local audience that shared its values and story.
Other Breweries on the Rise
There are so many great breweries rising in the south. We are big fans of Wicked Weed and Burial Beer in Asheville, Ponysaurus in Raleigh, Cigar City in Tampa and of course Westbrook in SC.
Evil gen brewery 2
Evil Genius Beer Co.
West Grove, Pennsylvania
Icon state pa West Grove, PA
Community & Local Involvement
Our goal is to help support the growth of the craft beer market. Helping to convert people to drinking higher quality, artisanal brews is the core part of what we do.
In 2008, our founders Luke Bowen and Trevor Hayward met in an accounting class at Villanova University. Realizing that their job prospects were grim due to the recession, they decided to follow their passion and start their own brewery.
Their First Keg
We sold our first keg to a bar in Mishawaka in Indiana. We started our company by contract brewing with a brewery in South Bend, IN, a little ways from home, but it got us up and running!
Other Breweries on the Rise
What a question! This one is just too hard to answer. There are so many new breweries opening with stellar quality brews, it would be impossible to pick just even a handful!
Ciscobrewery cut
Cisco Brewers
Nantucket, Massachusetts
Icon state ma Nantucket, MA
Community & Local Involvement
We support just about every charity that has ever approached us! As long as there is a local connection… Mentoring Youth Nantucket holds an iron-man team event each year that we have been sponsoring for almost 20 years. The farm advocacy group, Sustainable Nantucket, for which my wife Wendy served as president back in it’s early years, is one that we particularly enjoy being a part of. Their Farm Fresh Feast is always a great feed, and an awesome chance to showcase local agriculture. And the Holidays for Heroes group that brings wounded enlisted men to Nantucket for a vacation and a chance to share their stories is so rewarding to be involved with. The list really goes ON AND ON!
Cisco Brewers was founded by Randy and Wendy Hudson. Wendy started home brewing with some friends while living in California, but in 1992 she returned to the island and met Randy. Instantly, she not only knew that Randy was her soul mate, but that he would make a great brewer. And so she bought him a kit. When Randy and Wendy started selling beer, the entire operation-except the cold room, which was cooled by an air conditioner-was outdoors in the Lon’s back yard. Wendy always called the original setup a “nano-brewery” because althought they dreamed about it, they certainly were not yet a “micro.” Many people thought it looked like they were making moonshine and they were right! Cisco Brewers had the distinction of being America’s Only Outdoor Brewery.
Their First Keg
We sold our first keg to the Chicken Box. Rocky Fox, one of the owners, offered us some sound advice when the resulting pints were only slightly fizzy- MORE MOTHER-F$*@ING CO2! We have to thank him over and over again for such sound advice...and for sticking with us in those early days...
Other Breweries on the Rise
The breweries ton the rise that I admire most are all gluten-free breweries! I have developed gluten sensitivity, and finding something palatable as well as hoppy has proven a challenge. The Brasserie sans Glut in Montreal who makes a beer called Glutenburgh is one of my favorites, along with the smaller domestic brewer in Portland, Oregon called Groundbreaker Brewing. Excellent stuff!
Fairportbrewery cut3
Fairport Brewing Co.
Fairport, New York
Icon state ny Fairport, NY
Community & Local Involvement
Our love for the local community provides us with the opportunity to support a variety of different interests. We are supporters of our local football and baseball teams, helped found the first chapter of Girls Pint Out in Upstate New York, sponsor a team competing in the Tour de Cure for American diabetes and work actively with the local fire department to raise money through raffles and events. We've recently made a beer grill out of a keg, a table out of a barrel, and a specialty porter in a distillery keg that is being raffled off as prizes for the Relay for Life to support the American Cancer Research Society.
Fairport Brewing began as almost all breweries do, from a love of homebrewing. Tim and I met at a homebrew club meeting and talked about someday opening our own brewery in Fairport. Three years later we turned our dream into a reality and opened our NY state farm brewery in the fall of 2012. We are still a small local destination aiming to brew 550 barrels this year. We currently have 8 team members and are excited to continue our growth!
Their First Keg
We were very happy to sell our first keg to the Fairport Village Inn! They are an amazing neighborhood restaurant which was open to taking a chance with us - still a happy partner that has anchored our growing list of establishments that serve our beer on Tap!
Other Breweries on the Rise
With so many great beers out there, this is a difficult question! If I must pick a few, then I'll go with Galaxy Brewing in Binghamton and Swift Water from Rochester, I'm also a big fan of Smuttynose in New Hampshire and Great Lakes Brewing out of Cleveland.
Arcadiabrewery cut1
Arcadia Ales
Battle Creek, Michigan
Icon state mi Battle Creek, MI
Community & Local Involvement
We love our hometowns! And, we're lucky enough to be located in two distinctive Michigan communities. Every single month, we hold "Drink One Down for Your Town." Every month, on the first Monday in Battle Creek and Tuesday in Kalamazoo, we total our tap sales and make a matching donation to a charitable or non-profit organization in that city. We're hosting the 2nd annual "Lost Paddle" kayaking event in partnership with Lee's Adventure Sports in support of the Kalamazoo Rivershed Council. We're also about to announce the first ever "Arcadia to Arcadia Adventure," a biking and running adventure from Arcadia Brewing Company Battle Creek all the way to Arcadia Brewing Company Kalamazoo. Last, but not least, we are extremely fortunate to be the stewards of a beautiful portion of Kalamazoo's Riverfront with direct access for kayaks and canoes, as well as the Kalamazoo River Valley Trail. We have adopted a portion of the KRVT, which is a mixed-used, paved, trailway for recreational activity. 1% of all sales of our latest release, Cheap Date Session Ale, will be donated directly to the Kalamazoo Parks Foundation towards the upkeep and expansion of this trail, that will eventually connect our two locations!
Established as a micro brewery in 1996 focusing on handcrafted British-style ales, Arcadia has grown under the founding vision of Tim Surprise. With a wide range of beers and plenty of awards to go with them, Arcadia Ales has developed an exciting approach that beer enthusiasts love to keep up with.
Their First Keg
The Corner Bar & Grill in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Other Breweries on the Rise
In our city alone, we have a thriving craft beer community boasting 9 craft breweries, with more on the way. We are super excited about our recent collaboration with local, up & comers, One Well Brewing called "Kalaboration Nature Ale." Started at One Well and finished off at Arcadia, this one-time, small batch will be released July 18th. A portion of the proceeds will be donated towards the continued clean-up of the Kalamazoo River in addition to brewery employees in the area volunteering to help.
Elementbrewery cut3
Element Brewing
Millers Falls, Massachusetts
Icon state ma Millers Falls, MA
Community & Local Involvement
We started five great years ago with a simple mission of advancing the beer drinking experience. It's easy to be passionate about great beer, but at Element, our passion is in the art and science tha makes great beer possible. We brew precise beer. We advance brewing technology so beer drinkers can reach new levels of enjoyment. Science and art are our inspiration, philosophy and methodology for studying, testing, and advancing beer drinkers experience - in the bar and at home.
Ben Anhalt and Dan Kramer founded Element Brewing Co in 2009 in a small storefront in downtown Millers Falls, Massachusetts. With forty years of brewing experience between them they decided to only brew unique beers that fuse styles together, or creating new ones altogether. Element’s line of beer includes Extra Special Oak, Red Giant, Dark Element, and Plasma along with 4 seasonal Interval Ales. All of Element’s bottled beers are naturally carbonated through a bottle conditioning process.
Brewery kelso
KelSo Beer Co.
Brooklyn, New York
Icon state ny Brooklyn, NY
Community & Local Involvement
We do a lot with Smack Mellon gallery to support local artists and this will be our 2nd year in a row participating with planned parent hood. We are also strong supporters of local food growing programs through GrowNYC. Local farms / markets in addition to recycling and reuse of materials is essential to long term sustainability.
Kelly is from Seattle and Sonya is from Brooklyn - we met and fell in love while both working in the brewing industry. After some time living on the West Coast, we decided to move back to New York and opened KelSo 10 years ago!
Their First Keg
Our first keg was a donation to Smack Mellon gallery and we sold our first to Spuyten Duyvil.
Other Breweries on the Rise
There's a ton of brewing talent in New York but if I have to name a few, then I enjoy The Other Half, Flagship and Bronx breweries
Caldera new brewery1
Caldera Brewing
Ashland, Oregon
Located in Ashland, Oregon, is dedicated to producing un-compromised quality ales. In 2005, Caldera became the first craft brewery on the West Coast to brew and can its own beer, helping to start a revolution. Today, six of Caldera's most popular beers are available in cans, with several more currently available in 22 oz bottles, and there's more on the way
Hero brewery barrelbackers v20
Barrel Backers Build-A-Pack!
San Francisco, California
Founded on the idea that people should be able to come together around the beers they love and want to experience - Barrel Backers is the place for every craft beer fan to discover great brews!
Almanac brewery cut
Almanac Beer Co.
San Francisco, California
Jesse and Damian collaborated to found the Almanac Beer Company—a brewery dedicated to producing seasonal artisan ales, brewed specifically to complement local cuisine sourced and prepared with the same great care and craft. We came to the brewing world by way of homebrewing. For years in our respective San Francisco apartments we’d brew five gallon stove-top batches, developing a passion for crafting unique and unusual beers unavailable commercially. Using farmer’s markets as the launching pad for many unique homebrews, we knew right away we were on to something. We’ve taken that passion and adventurous spirit and decided to brew on a larger scale with the hope of sharing our vision with our community. Each harvest we partner with a different Northern California farm to supply the fruit used for our next brew. Every beer is a collaboration between us and the local terroir.
Brewbusjax brewrey cut
Brew Bus
Tampa Bay, Florida
The Brew Bus fermented in 2011 when our Founder Anthony Derby was a student at The University of Colorado. When he tried to visit 3 breweries in one day he quickly realized the need for a transportation service. When we first started out as a brewery tour service, we realized how important we were to the craft beer community. When we got a special license to serve beer on our tours, we decided to turn our bus into a tasting room by serving our own beer. Brew Bus Brewing is a reflection of that mind-altering experience you get when you see the inside of a brewery for the first time and drink a beer poured into your glass by the hands who made it.
Jpbrewery cut
James Page Brewing
Steven's Point, Wisconsin
Founded by Minneapolis attorney James Page in 1986 - James Page Brewing was one of America's original craft breweries. James Page Brewing Company brewed bold and original styles of beers at a time when microbreweries were starting to emerge as a force in the beer industry. Now brewed by Steven's Point - these beers are not to be missed!
Moodytongue brewery1 cut
Moody Tongue Brewing Co.
Chicago, Illinois
After working as a cook in several kitchens and transitioning to the brewing world, Moody Tongue Brewmaster Jared Rouben realized that the lessons he learned while working alongside chefs could be applied in a meaningful way to the brewing process: evaluating the addition of each ingredient, tasting beers throughout the creation process, challenging palates to combine new flavors and, most important, never compromising on quality. As Rouben began his brewing career in Chicago, he also started exploring and combining a variety of local ingredients from farmers markets to inspire and enrich his beers.
Riverhorse3 brewery cut
River Horse Brewing Co.
Ewing, New Jersey
Chris Walsh and Glenn Bernabeo were finance guys that had enough of it. They felt that they were finance geeks living in a world without soul. Grinding it out everyday for a fee, wearing suits and kissing butt. So they left that life and took the reigns of River Horse Brewing vowing never to look back. In their own words - "We may not end up as the greatest success story on earth, but at least we had the balls to try. Sometimes, for better or worse, your dreams get the best of you." Their goal is to make full-bodied, full flavored beers that are balanced and to have something that appeals to every lover of craft beer. They have stayed true to their word.
Speak3 brewery cut
Speakeasy Ales & Lagers
San Francisco, California
In a typically foggy San Francisco summer in 1997, Forest Gray and his cadre of bootleggers were inspired to bring their unique and exceptional beers from the underground to the masses. Defiantly producing small batches of beer in a secret warehouse in San Francisco’s long forgotten Butchertown District, Speakeasy quickly gained a loyal following with bold, complex beers and striking 1920s imagery. Starting with a single, iconic beer that immortalized the spirit of those who persevered when America’s taps ran dry – a bold, hoppy amber ale known as Prohibition Ale – Speakeasy now brews a wide array of acclaimed beers from sessionable pale ales to bourbon barrel-aged imperial stouts.
Founders3 cut
Founders Brewing Co.
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers both had steady jobs when they decided to chase their dreams and open a brewery–which meant writing a business plan, quitting their jobs, and taking out giant loans. They figured if you’re going to live life, you ought to live it hard, without regrets. After some initial challenges, due to making well balanced but unremarkable beers, we were on the verge of bankruptcy. It was at this point that the original Founders team decided to brew the kind of beer that got them excited about brewing in the first place: complex, in-your-face ales, with huge aromatics, bigger body, and tons of flavor.
Free will brewery 01 cut
Free Will Brewing Co.
Perkasie, Pennsylvania
Dominic Capece and John Stemler started Free Will Brewing Company in 2010. They got started by brewing beer on the weekends as an active hobby they could also use to catch up with each other. When friends and family told the duo that their homebrews were so good they should open up their own brewery, they kind of shrugged off the idea. But when people in the beer industry sang their praises, they started to seriously consider it. The rest is history as they now have a respectable brewing facility (13,000 sq ft), a tasting room and continued growth in distribution. Free Will's team prides itself on its renegade attitude and independence that led to its founding. Hard work and consistently satisfying discerning beer drinkers has earned them a reputation of strong talent matched with genuine quality.
Westbrook cut3
Westbrook Brewing Co.
Charleston, South Carolina
With a mission to make the most interesting, drinkable, and generally awesome beer possible, we love experimenting with different ingredients and brewing techniques. We hope you have as much fun drinking our beer as we do making it.
Gigantic cut2
Gigantic Brewing Co
Portland, Oregon
Gigantic Brewing Company is an independent, crafty brewery located in the Southeast quadrant of the Peoples Republic of Portland. Brewer/Owners Ben Love and Van Havig are veterans of the Oregon brewing community. At Gigantic we only do two things: make the best damn IPA in Portland, Oregon and produce seasonal, exciting, flavorful beers, most of which will be brewed only once. Our goal is simultaneously to create new interpretations of classic styles and to ignore those same style guidelines completely and brew whatever our creative natures produce. We hold ourselves to a simple principle – Never Give an Inch. We vow to start small and (stubbornly) stay small, focusing our efforts on making exceptional beer, rather than a lot of beer. When you drink Gigantic, know that we didn’t just put our names on the label – our effort, imagination, and dry wit are in every bottle.
Rockmillbrewery cut
Rockmill Brewery
Lancaster, Ohio
In 2008 one of our owners, Matthew Barbee, made a bold move and came back to work on his family's farm, a former horse farm located about 25 minutes southeast of Columbus, Ohio. Prior to this decision, Matt worked in Los Angeles but was eager to try something different; making a beer that pairs with food in a similar way that a fine wine does. As the grandson of a vintner he grew up appreciating the intricacies of what it takes to design a complex wine. It was through the introduction to the Brasserie Dupont's Saison that he realized what a beer really could be. Tasting this quintessential brew, Matthew began doing his research (both, of course, by tasting and reading) on all types of world-class beers. After having the farm's water tested to determine what style of beer he should start brewing, he was astounded to see that the results matched a similar minerality profile to Wallonia, Belgian's water. It has been five years since we introduced the beer to the public, an adventure that has introduced us to countless people who share our love for craft beer especially in the context of pairing it with food. We are happy that you have found us and hope that you might make it down to experience what we have come to call the "Rockmill spell."
Evil twin brewery cut1
Evil Twin
Brooklyn, New York
Evil Twin Brewing is a gypsy brewery originating from Denmark. Founded in 2010 by Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø, Evil Twin produces limited-edition and one-off beers as well as a series of seasonal and year-round beers available internationally. Jarnit-Bjergsø, a former schoolteacher in Copenhagen, is also the proprietor of the Ølbutikken bottle shop in Copenhagen, which imports and distributes craft beer throughout Europe.
Stilwater brewery cut1
Stillwater Artisanal
Baltimore, Maryland
"A sincere artist is not one who makes a faithful attempt to put on to canvas what is in front of him, but one who tries to create something which is, in itself, a living thing." - Sir William Dobell. The goal of Stillwater Artisanal is just that, living art. Although packaged within a medium often overlooked for its artistic merits, our desire is to offer something new and intriguing. We present more than just a fine crafted beverage, rather an occasion that evokes an emotion and inspires contemplation. For art is not a sum of actions but rather an approach to life. We draw our inspiration from the world around us, whether that be a season, location, or even humanity itself. Our intent is to encapsulate this muse, exhibiting an artistic rendition to the best of our abilities.
Crooked stave brewery cut1
Crooked Stave
Denver, Colorado
For those of you who don’t already know me from the Brettanomyces Project let me introduce myself, I am Chad Yakobson and the Brettanomyces Project is an open source website which details the research and results from my Master’s dissertation on Brettanomyces yeast species. This brewing endeavor is a culmination of the knowledge and inspiration I have amassed during the past four years of living, studying, brewing and traveling abroad. It’s difficult for me to articulate the many experiences and ideas that have been born during this time into a precise summary. It is only through the beers which will be produce that I can best unveil the adventures I have been on and the bestowed inspirations.
Off color brewery cut1
Off Color Brewing
Chicago, Illinois
At some point John and Dave were born. They did other stuff for a while and then they figured out they were better at making beer than at the other stuff. So that's what they do now. They met while both studied at the oldest and most respected brewing school (of the two...and by the brewers that went to the one) in the US, the Siebel Institute, in 2008 and the brewery was envisioned while they both interned at Metropolitan Brewing afterwards. Most of Off Color's business plan is based off of Doug and Tracy at Metro knowing what they're doing, so you should go buy some of their beer too. After cutting their teeth at larger breweries, the two somehow convinced enough otherwise-very-smart-people to invest enough money for them to buy some big shiny things to make their own beer in. So that's what they do now.
Dochter korenaar brewerycut
Dochter Van De Korenaar
Baarle-Hertog, Belgium
Brewer Ronald Mengerinks interest in beer started while biking to school in Twente (part of Holland bordering Germany) with a friend. He came across wild flowering hops growing along a ditch. Ronald was 15 and it ignited his interest in brewing. Up to that moment he only knew that beer was made with malts, hops, water and yeast. He later moved to Groningen where he lived for 12 years. In 1984/1985 he sold his self brewed beer called De Noorderzon (Northern Sun) until this brewery went bust. A mistake in a 5000 liter batch meant the end. Ronald went off the beermap for a while. Though costly he still calls it a good learning experience. His view on beer changed when he tried a Flying Dog Snake Dog I.P.A. and loved it, not the worst introduction to this style. The hoppy I.P.A. It was a revelation and back then a style that wasn’t known much in continental Europe. During a trip to the U.S.A. he tried more good I.P.A.s, something that has definitely influenced his ideas about what beer can be apart from the usual Belgian and German styles. The use of hops led him into a new direction.
Their First Keg
The new brewery started in 2007 and takes his name from Emperor Charles V who in 1550 said that he preferred the juice of the daughter of the Ear of Corn over the blood of grapes. Behind their house Ronald and wife Monique built their own brewing installation and started brewing. Just two years later he already had his first prize: a silver medal for the Embresse Peated Oak Aged at the Zythos festival and another silver for the l’Enfant Terrible at the European Beer Star Awards.
Gaverhopke brewery cut1
'T Gaverhopke
Harelbeke-Stasegem, Belgium
From ‘t Gaverhopke, a tiny brewpub in West Flanders, Belgium, we bring you some extraordinary beers, until now unavailable anywhere outside the confines of the brewery – which opens to the public only on weekends. It is (or was) there and only there that the beer can be had. Allegedly. The brewery was founded in 1994 and taken over in 2007 by Gudrun Vandoorne and Bruno Delrue. The small traditional family brewery moved in July 2015 to the chateau "Goed te Nieuwenhove". For the little ones there is a playground in the courtyard with a bouncy castle.
Hof ten dormaal33 2 brewery cut1
Hof Ten Dormaal
Tildonk, Belgium
Brouwerij Hof Ten Dormaal from Tildonk, Belgium began operations in May of 2009. Prior to that, it existed as a family farmstead dating back several centuries. Roughly 30 years ago, the farm fell into the hands of the Janssens family, who for decades had no intentions of making beer. “We are famers first, not brewers,” owner Andre continues to say. But indeed that changed a couple of years ago when the family decided to install a brewery on their grounds in order to make their farm more financially sustainable. The point of the brewery was to be very traditional, yet strictly ecological. This was not going to be an ordinary brewery. It was going to be a nearly 100% self-sustaining brewery. They’d grow all their own grain, grow all their own hops, cultivate their own yeast strain, and even power the brewery with rapeseed oil that they themselves would produce. Ambitious, yes. Crazy, one could argue. But the dream is now indeed a reality, and as far as we know, there’s no other commercial brewery anywhere else in the world doing anything quite like it. To make matters better…their beers are stunning. Simple, yes, but they are designed to be – each brew containing a single grain, single hop, and single yeast strain. They are, however, nothing short of exquisite. Original Belgian farmhouse ales brewed strictly via traditional methods.
Cigarcity cut
Cigar City Brewing
Tampa, Florida
In a state known for theme parks, Cigar City Brewing has become a major attraction for those who appreciate and seek out excellent beer. At Cigar City Brewing we make beer we like to drink and toast those who choose to drink with us. Behind all our beer is the philosophy that quality is achieved by giving first rate ingredients to first rate people in a space where they are free to pursue their passion. We acknowledge that what we do at Cigar City Brewing isn’t for everyone, but we welcome all.
Leelanaubrewery cut1
Leelanau Brewing Company
Leelanau , Michigan
Welcome to Leelanau Brewing where each and every beer is hand-made in small batches, using age old techniques of open fermentation, barrel aging and bottle conditioning. We do not pitch any wild yeasts into our alchemy. Our magic is performed the old fashioned way. All Leelanau Brewing Company beers are aged in custom made oversized French oak barrels. Our headquarters are situated on 18 acres of family owned land located two miles south of Leland, Michigan. Our bed and breakfast, ancient black walnut groves, cherry orchards, pear groves and our future brewing site are all within earshot of Lake Michigan.
Ace ca ciderco cut
Ace Cider
Sebastopol, California
American family-owned and operated. We use only all-natural ingredients and make super-premium ciders on the Sonoma Coast of California. Award-winning. Independent. Nothing artificial. Just natural, clean, and delicious. Enjoy!
Braven brewerycut
Braven Brewing
Brooklyn, New York
Braven Brewing Company, founded in 2013 by Marshall S. Thompson and Eric Feldman, is located in the historic Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. Braven takes pride in being an active member of the Bushwick community and is excited to help revive Brooklyn as one of America’s top brewing capitals.
Their First Keg
We founded Braven to brew remarkable beer for remarkable individuals. Artists. Creatives. Entrepreneurs. Risk takers. Believers. Those crafty enough to dream and bold enough to follow through. We hope to inspire creativity and independence with every sip.
Het anker brewerycut1b
Het Anker
Mechelen, Belgium
Beginning as a labor of love many generations ago in 1471, this Belgian brewery has had a little bit of time to figure out the nuances of brewing beer. Steeped in local history and a timeless art, thieir location can be traced back to the 15th century, when notably, Charles the Bold declared that beer brewed for the local hospital should not be taxed. In 1872, the Van Breedam family "modernized" the operations with a steam boiler. From then on, a revival in specialty brews supported the creativity and talent that Het Anker has come to be known around the world for.
Coloradobrewery raw
Cervejaria Colorado
Campos Elíseos, Brazil
One of the pioneers of craft brewing in Brazil, Colorado Brewing is celebrating 18 years of operation, accumulating numerous international awards and becoming a major player in the craft beer world. We've accomplished this through the creation of beers made by blending different rhythms, cultures and accents, into universal recipes with typical Brazilian ingredients such as coffee, molasses, cassava, honey and Brazilian nut.
Boulder beer company brewery cut1b
Boulder Beer Company
Boulder, Colorado
In 1979 two professors at the University of Colorado received the 43rd brewing license issued in the United States, creating Boulder Beer Company, Colorado’s First Craft Brewery. The original site of the brewery was a small farm northeast of Boulder, the brew house sharing space in a shed originally housing a few goats!
Their First Keg
In a world of light yellow lagers, Boulder Beer won industry and consumer accolades for its line of bold Boulder Beers: Boulder Porter, Stout and Extra Special Bitter. Five years later, the brewery moved to its current site in Boulder and expanded from its original one-barrel brewing system to a 50-barrel brew house with top-of-the-line packaging equipment. In 1994 we converted the original tasting room to our full-menu pub and epic patio under the Flatirons.
Hoppin frog brewery cut1
Hoppin' Frog
Akron, Ohio
Hoppin’ Frog Brewery is a small, hands-on brewery in Akron, Ohio crafting award winning beers in the most flavorful styles. We brew the highest quality beer with an uncompromising focus on detail, from ingredient selection all the way through the brewing process.
Their First Keg
After nearly 7 years in business, our highly anticipated Tasting Room opened June 21st 2013, offering fun, adventurous dishes that change with the seasons, and a vast array of the highest quality beers. With an experienced and enthusiastic chef in the kitchen, the focus is on freshness and vibrant flavors by using superior-quality meats and cheeses to make only 10 or 12 tasty offerings, including appetizers, sandwiches, and entrees.
Deproef brewery cut
De Proefbrouwerij
Lochristi, Belgium
The core value of the “proef” brewery is integrity: to strive for the cleanest and most honest recipe development and beer production process, both with respect to our employees, the environment, the authorities and our customers and suppliers, as well as towards our raw materials and products.